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08/09/2017 And here it is.. my first shoot for almost 3 years. I do hope you appreciate the pictures. There are some in the bedroom where I am posing in a new blue bra, and then its off to the pool to see how well everything still floats. Lets have some feedback as I might do another set to post at a later date. xxxxxx

04/09/2017 We have now decided to add a brand new series in the very near future. Keep a check on here for more details.. see ya soon xxx

18/10/2014 Due to certain events we have decided that there will be no more new content posted to the website until further notice. 

21/09/2014 In "SPECIAL SERIES 049" you can see some pictures taken when I was on holiday in Spain. I do hope you like me having a little splash around the pool. Enjoy the updates and keep the requests / comments coming in. XXXX

24/08/2014 In this months "SPECIAL SERIES 048" you will find me posing in a little red dress that I have recently bought. It's a bit tight so don't think this one will be worn outside of the house at all heh heh. Also as requested (Again!!) I am wearing the most popular bra that all seem to want more and more - yes it's that silky smooth caramel coloured tee-shirt bra. Enjoy and see you next month. XXXXXX

20/07/2014 In "SPECIAL SERIES 047" you can see my yellow halter neck top with yellow / grey bra underneath. This bra is like an enormous cave that can fit an endless supply of boobies into so I was curious to see how they fit me at the moment. Enjoy the shoot and remember I am on holiday so e-mail will be a bit hit-and-miss. XXXXX

22/06/2014 This month in "SPECIAL SERIES 046" you can find a nice new set of photo's that took even my breath away when I saw them. I don't know what it is about my polo neck wooly jumpers, but they make my boobies look HUGE!!!! LoL.  I am sure you will enjoy this set as they turned out exceptional. Right - that's me on holidays now for the summer. Hopefully will post the update in July as normal. Take care XXXXX

25/05/2014 In "SPECIAL SERIES 045" you can see me wearing a really tight bra, that even though it says its a 38HH, it is several cup sizes off the mark. See what you think heh heh. Also of note is the olive coloured top that is really one of my favourites. Keep the comments coming in as it is what drives me to do this website!!!  XXXXX

27/04/2014 In this months "SPECIAL SERIES 044" you will find a nice little new set featuring some chocolate coloured bra and panty set underneath the copper coloured top and black skirt. This shoot is a specially requested by one of the long term members who wanted to see an older shoot recreated with our modern camera gear. Hope you all enjoy this one :)  XXXXXX

23/03/2014 This month in "SPECIAL SERIES 043" you can find a new exclusive update where I am wearing a very tight yellow top with miniskirt and heels. Underneath I have a rather old purple "Clover" bra which was first featured back in 2003 - still a favourite of mine and the Members :)  Enjoy the update XXXX

23/02/2014 In "SPECIAL SERIES 042" you can see me wearing my green evening dress with my rather posh Rigby & Pellar bra underneath. Included are a few legs and heels shots for the members who requested. I do hope you enjoy this shoot as I even think the last 3 pictures show off how perky my huge boobs are without a bra under the dress heh heh. Bye for now XXX

26/01/2014 Welcome to 2014!!.  In this new and exclusive photo shoot that can be found in "SPECIAL SERIES 041" you will see me posing in a red coloured top with stunning red bra underneath. There's even a few of the requests thrown in for good measure... I hope you recognize them heh heh. If you don't see a requested pose that you have asked for, then please send me a reminder. Take care XXXXX

22/12/2013 Since it has been commented that last years Christmas shoot did not have a Christmas theme to it we have  arranged a visit for this years Christmas shoot by SantaBooms. As well as you all enjoying the huge breasted feast that has been posted, we hope you also all have a very happy Christmas and New Year. Please enjoy the festivities over the Christmas period and remember not to drink and drive!!  XXXXX

24/11/2013 This month I have just added another set of new and exclusive pictures to "SPECIAL SERIES 039" for your enjoyment. As usual I have tried to include some of the requested poses / outfits (even if they are the wrong colour) that the Members wish to see. Hope you enjoy looking at the huge boobies pictured on the right heh heh. See you next month for another set. XXXXX

27/10/2013 This month in "SPECIAL SERIES 038" you can find a brand new set posted. This series features a tight grey sleeveless top (all tops are tight on me heh heh). Also featured is your favorite caramel smooth tee-shirt bra and silky knee length black skirt. I have covered a couple of members requests in this one (close-up leaning back on bed and armpit shots). See you next month for more. XXXXX

22/09/2013 This months' pictures in "SPECIAL SERIES 037" are featuring a brand new green dress that I bought on holiday. I am sure you are going to love this shoot as the boobies do look quite huge in this outfit. Underneath is my expensive Rigby & Pellar bra set. Enjoy and see you next month for more. XXXXX

29/08/2013 So I am back off my summer holidays and have just added "SPECIAL SERIES 036" for you to admire :)  As you can see in the preview picture I am wearing my red bra with short black and white skirt. The shoot includes some requested hanging shots and also some rear view pics of my boobies. Hope you enjoy. XXXXX

11/07/2013 OK, so you may have noticed the update is a little early this month. Well that's due to the fact I am now on holiday for the next 7 weeks... yippeeeee. You will find this months update in "SPECIAL SERIES 035" and as you can see in the preview image I look pretty in pink!! Not to mention the sexy matching bra and panty set I have on underneath. Enjoy the series and see you late August. XXXXX

23/06/2013 This month in "SPECIAL SERIES 034" you will see me posing in my green R&P bra - yes, the same bra maker the Queen uses!  Along with that stunning little number I am also wearing short skirt and striped black and white top. The stripes are not very straight due to me very large breasts stretching the material LOL.  Hope you enjoy and see you back next month for another new set. XXXXX

26/05/2013 In this months "SPECIAL SERIES 033" you can see me cover two requests that the members so kindly sent in. You will see my yellow halter neck top that is oh-just-so-tight and also the silky smooth cream colour teeshirt bra. All in all I would say a very boobilishous photoshoot that should please all the followers of my month updates. A few panty shots are also included for those who regularly request the non-boobie orientated content. Have fun with it and see you next month for more. XXXXX

21/04/2013 This month I have just added another set of new and exclusive pictures to "SPECIAL SERIES 032" for your enjoyment. In this set you can see me posing in a little dark blue strappy top with silky black skirt. Underneath you will find my aqua pale blue bra and panties. Some hot pictures of my huge cleavage. Enjoy and see you next month for another update XXXXX

24/03/2013 Another month passes and a new and exclusive update has been added to "SPECIAL SERIES 031". In this months photo series you can see a requested "bottoms up" theme. I do like the fact the members like more than just my main two assets heh heh. Anyway, I have matched an everyday wear red top with the requested stretch Lycra pants that cling very firmly to my ass. Bra a is an overflowing hot pink number that hopefully will get the pulses racing a bit :)  Take care and see you next month XXXXX

24/02/2013 In this months new photoshoot "SPECIAL SERIES 030" you can see me posing in black and white skirt with white top. Underneath you will also find my black patterned bra, smooth silky black panties and fishnet stockings. All exactly as requested by one of the members. As a reminder for the newer members.. all the SPECIAL SERIES of pictures can be found by clicking the "SPECIAL SERIES (NEW)" link on the website members main entry page. Enjoy the Series :)  XXXXX 

27/01/2013 Well here we all are in 2013 already. Since there was no end-of-world things going on we have decided to continue this month with a new set that can be found in "SPECIAL SERIES 029".  This brand new set features a silky smooth tee-shirt bra along with silky smooth panties. Yellow tight top and dark brown skirt complete the outfit.  Hope you enjoy the set and look forward to seeing you back here this time next month for another new and exclusive update. XXXXXX 

23/12/2012 Firstly I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I do hope you have all finished your Christmas Shopping for your loved ones :)    In this months update that can be found in "Special Series 028" you will see that I did not bother with the Santa Outfit as there are a few sets already on the site from previous years. This series I have used a nice white bra and panty set along with ultra short tartan skirt and bright red woolly jumper, oh and some fully fashioned stockings. Enjoy the set and see you next year!!! XXXXX

25/11/2012 This months update can be found in SPECIAL SERIES 27. I do hope you like this little outdoor shoot that was done in quite low evening sunshine that gives my hair a lovely redhead look about it. Also featured, of course, is sexy blue strappy top with white and cream coloured patterned bra underneath.  A pink skirt finishes off the outfit. Enjoy and see you all back here just before Christmas.  XXXXX

21/10/2012 I Have just added another brand new set of photo's to SPECIAL SERIES 26 for your enjoyment :)   In this new set we have gone Noir style with some stunning shots of my curves in black and white. Hope you like the effects along with the busty content heh heh. Enjoy and see you next month for another new set. XXXX

23/09/2012 This months update can be found in SPECIAL SERIES 25. In this new series you can find me wearing a black and pink top with a brand new 36KK bra in stunning hot pink with blue trim.. very sexy looking bra if you ask me. No skirt in this one as I have put my black and gold skin tight leggings on for a change, but don't worry, they are removed for the second half of the shoot. Enjoy :)  XXXXXX

26/08/2012 This months update can be found again in SPECIAL SERIES 24. I could do with a bit more feedback regarding the 50's look of the previous two months updates.. cum on guys mail me!!!  Anyway, in this new set you can see me featuring a black and white top and skirt outfit with a brand new 36L bra underneath. I am sure the assets will be appreciated in this shoot :)  Take care and see you next month XXXXX

22/07/2012 Hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as me!!  In this months update you can find SPECIAL SERIES 23 featuring my new 50's style pin up girl dress. I do think this is a very special shoot and I also think you will appreciate the effort that went in to looking this hot LOL.  Enjoy the photos and keep the comments coming in!!  XXXXXX

24/06/2012 As promised, this time I am featuring a 50's look to the photoshoot. You can find me wearing a red top and skirt outfit from a special 50's style pin up girl clothing website that makes me look very curvy. I have also tried to get to grips with the hair and makeup to make it look more 1950's. What do you think? Next month I have a 1950's dress shoot that hopefully will go down well with the members. Need feedback from you guys.. please!!! XXXXX

20/05/2012 This months episode is not the shoot I wanted to do. Had plans to do a 50's style outfit, but due to clothes stuck in the postal system it's gonna have to wait till next months shoot. Sorry about that. I do hope that the requested silky smooth bra makes up for it. We also tried a few different lighting settings in this months shoot, so your feedback is requested... if you like or don't like please let us know. Take care and make sure you catch the special update next month!!! XXXX

22/04/2012 This month I have just added SPECIAL BONUS SERIES 20 for your enjoyment. In this brand new and exclusive set you will see my new two tone blue and black dress that really does fit the curves very well. Just for your info I am also wearing my 36L bra in this set (yes I am still a bit too big for the wires to sit on the breastbone LOL). We also had a small technical fault with the camera so no need to complain that a couple of pictures are not perfectly focused.. sorry about.. will do better next month :)  XXXXXX

25/03/2012 Just added BONUS SERIES 19 for your enjoyment :)  This time I am wearing a lovely red-pink bra that really does give me a sexy shape. Usual short skirt to show off those legs of mine, with a few added glimpses of some rather see through panties. I do hope you appreciate this set as I think its a good un.  Keep the requests coming in and you might just see something made just for you!!!  XXXXXX

26/02/2012 This month I have added a new exclusive series of pictures to the BONUS section that feature my multi-tone pink jumper with a black patterned bra underneath. My short skirt comes off during the shoot to give you a better view of my panties since I know you like that very much :)   Enjoy the photoset and see you next month for more. XXXXXX

22/01/2012 Hope you all had an enjoyable and safe New Year!!!  In the BONUS Section you will find a brand new photo series to start the year off with.  I am wearing a red top with custom short skirt the shows my panties off very nicely.  Also featured is a sexy red bra that gives great cleavage. Enjoy the update and see you end of next month for another brand new photo series. XXXXXX

24/12/2011 Happy Christmas to all the Members of 38hh.com!!!  In this months update you can see SantaBooms paying an early visit delivering a couple of huge gifts for you all ;)   I do hope everyone enjoys this seasonal update and remember.... keep enjoying life and stay safe!!  See you all next year for some more photosets.  Take care and again.. HAPPY CHRISTMAS XXXXXXX

20/11/2011 This month I have took care of a few members requests with a Black & White shoot posing in my negligee and also some full nude shots.. tastefully done of course :)  You can find the update in the Special Series 15 folder. I do hope you enjoy these. Don't forget to send a request in if you would like to see something specific. See you all in Christmas week for another update. XXX

23/10/2011 Here we are again with another update for your enjoyment. As requested I am wearing my tight blue jeans that really do show the arse off for you. I am also wearing the sort of every-day top that I use for shopping or going into the town. Underneath is an often requested silky smooth bra.  For all the many members who mailed me last month I have to apologise for the delayed reply as the 36L bra shoot certainly filled up my mailbox, that and the new job I started took forever to get through, but thanks again for so many mails!!! XXXXXX

25/09/2011 This month update features my new 36L bra.. yeah you heard me right!!!  It almost fit me LOL. You can see in the pictures that it does not quite have the wires on my ribcage between my huge boobies.. maybe I need an M cup!!!  Anyway, some nice shots in this bra debut including the last picture which shows the difference from a 38HH to a 36L bra.. can you tell which is which???  Let me know what you think. See you all next month for another update. XXXXXX

21/08/2011 SPECIAL SERIES 12 has just been added and this time you can see a requested black and white photoshoot. Always was a popular one this. Anyway, in this brand new and exclusive set you will see some very hot shots of my huge boobies and even some very naughty panty views. Also, just so you know, I was professionally measured when on holiday in the UK. They give me a new size of 36L... yes that's right 36L!!!. No plans to change the website name just yet - but I will have an upcoming shoot with my new 38L bra :)  Take care XXXXX

24/07/2011 This month I have just added another new series that should brighten up your day. I have a fabulous bright orange top along with short skirt featured. Lilac coloured bra in this one with your favourite matching silky panties. Some hot shots for you to enjoy in this Summer shoot!!! Take care a pop back next month for retro style black and white shoot. XXXXXX

19/06/2011 I have just added a brand new set in the SPECIAL SERIES album number 10. This time I am wearing a bright red bra and very short tartan mini skirt. Also featured is a very tight and very revealing green zip-up top.  If you love cleavage then you will love this months update. Take care and enjoy the summer. I will try and get another update around week 3 of next month!! Byeeeee XXXXXX

22/05/2011 Head over to "Special Series 09" to see the May additions to the website. In this specially requested shoot (thanks Al!!) you can see a pale blue bra covered by a very tight top. Black skirt and panties complete the outfit along with so good old fashioned black high heels. I do hope you enjoy the update. Please check back here around this time next month for another update. XXXXX

24/04/2011 Back again with the April 2011 post that you will find as "Special Series 08" in the Members Area.   In this set you will find me, as requested, in a tight pair of jeans with a belt.  Also featured is my famous bright red jumper that was always a big hit with the members. The featured bra is also quite an old one that was first seen in 2001 or 2002. But don't worry..... even though its almost 10 years old it still hold the BooMs quite well.  Enjoy the update and see you all next month. XXXXXX

21/03/2011 This month I have added a requested photo series with my caramel coloured silky smooth bra... was always a popular one with the members. Some stunning shots of my bright yellow very tight top that really does define my huge shape very well. Enjoy the update and see you next time for more new and exclusive pictures. XXXXX

23/02/2011 Hi again. Hope you all are keeping well!!   This time I have added a super photo series that really does show what cleavage is all about heh heh. As you can see in the preview picture its enormous.. and so are the photos.. I have increased the size to even higher resolution. Please take a minute to let me know what you think of the bigger images and the bigger boobies :)
Take care and enjoy this months update XXXXXX

23/01/2011 Welcome to 2011, and yeah it looks like I am still here heh heh.. just can't stay away can I.  Anyway, I have just added a brand new series to the SPECIAL SERIES section for your enjoyment. In this one I am wearing a rather tight looking top with my pink / white patterned bra underneath. Several hanging shots included to cover a couple of the recent requests. Bye for now XXXX

19/12/2010 Just in time for Christmas, SantaBooms has paid us all a visit. Head straight over to the SPECIAL SERIES to catch a glimpse of her in (and out of) her Santa outfit. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!  Be safe and enjoy the last update of 2010!!

21/11/2010 This time I have updated with a series showing off my spectacular black and white dress. You can find the pictures in Series 03 of the SPECIAL SERIES.  This dress caused quite a stir when I was wearing it for a meal out at a very high class restaurant.. while leaning over my shoulder, the wine waiter could not take his eyes of my endless cleavage and ended up spilling wine on the table instead of my glass heh heh. Anyway, I do hope you all enjoy the series and don't forget to check back next month as I am sure I will have something for you to see. Take care XXXXXXX

23/10/2010 Hi again.  I just thought I would add a new set to the SPECIAL SERIES.  This time you can find me in a white striped tight top with a very sexy looking lilac / purple spotted bra and panty set underneath. Keep checking back next month as I will probably add a new set featuring my black and white fitted dress. Hope you enjoy these :)
Bye for now and take care XXXXXXXX

18/09/2010 Hello!!  Yes it really is me back here!!   I just could not keep away could I.  I am really surprised and touched by the number of e-mails I have had about my retirement.  Thanks to each and everyone who sent the lovely comments in.  As a special treat I have decided to do a special posting of some pictures featuring a brand new dress I manage to get my hands on (and boobs into) over the summer. Thanks to Bravissimo I have actually got two dresses that actually reasonably fit my super curvy shape (Out of the 6 ordered only two could handle the BooMs heh heh)  The new pictures are in a new area on the website that's accessed from the main members page using the link to "Special Series". Enjoy them and lets see some comments of how you found them :)   I will hopefully have another set near the end of next month.. byeeee and take care XXXXXX

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